Personal site

What is it

Unlike business cards and corporate sites, personal pages are not representative of companies, but individuals. Often, such projects are small in size, contain information of a biographical or personal nature, as well as information about the type of activity of the owner or about the services he provides.

As a rule, personal sites are ordered by people who are interested in self-advertising, or individual entrepreneurs who provide services in a private nature: artists, artists, musicians, photographers, doctors, lawyers, and representatives of other professions and professions. Often, such sites are ordered for the purpose of self-presentation, as well as to find new customers, customers, sponsors, employers or partners. It should also be noted that even in comparison with business cards, the development of such projects is quite inexpensive.

Of course, when creating a personal website, special attention is paid to its design. It should be not only bright and memorable, but, at the same time, disposing and unobtrusive. Only a carefully crafted design will be able to convey the character of the site owner, and also have a positive impact on the image and reputation of the person he represents.

What are the main features

The main feature of the personal site is that it contains brief information about the person: only the most important and necessary. Thus, the structure of such projects is limited to only the main sections:

  • About myself. Biographical page on which the site owner can tell about himself, his experience, professional development, major achievements and the like. D
  • Services. In this section, you can specify not only the list of services offered by the owner, but also their cost, as well as a brief description or photos.
  • Photo Gallery. On this page you can place your portfolio, examples of completed work or photos with important clients or partners.
  • Feedback form. This page can serve as a link to the owner, as well as a guest book or book reviews for visitors or clients.
  • Contacts. Of course, in addition to communication through the site, you must also specify the contact details of the owner: phone numbers, email address, links to the owner’s pages on social networks and the like.

Of course, in addition to the sections described above, depending on the type of activity of the owner, as well as his personal preferences, the list of sections can be changed by removing unnecessary sections from it or adding, for example, a page with articles for the press, news and others.

Is content important

Also important is the content of the site, its content. If the author is not sure that he will be able to write high-quality and unique texts for all sections on his own, this work is best left to professional copywriters. Of course, the owner can provide examples that will form the basis of future content. Exactly the same applies to graphic content: of course, if the site is owned by a photographer, artist or designer, then there will be no problems with beautiful and high-quality images, in other cases it is better to rely on specialists. It must be remembered that poor-quality content can cause significant damage to the reputation and image of the site owner, as well as negate all the work to promote the project, up to complete exclusion from search engines. At the same time, a beautiful and convenient site with high-quality content will help not only to attract new, but also to keep existing customers.


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